Truck Stop Design Challenge

Don't let this summer be a time of boredom! We have the most incredible idea to cure the summertime, stuck-at-home blues. Grab a friend, your kids, your hubby, whoever and join Sicily and Field Design in a summer challenge guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing and make everyone laugh. Make the summer of 2021 memorable!

The Challenge

Create a dining room centerpiece using ONLY items obtained from a truck stop or gas station convenience store.  

The Rules

  1. Your design must contain a tray, a floral element and some sort of light/candle (all open to interpretation!) 
  2. You can only spend $30, not a penny more.  
  3. You must complete your shopping in 15 minutes or less.  

You can work together to create one masterpiece or divide into teams and make it a competition. Whatever you do, make sure to take pictures or videos and post your centerpiece on social media for us to see. Use the hashtag #truckstopdesignchallenge and tag @sicilyandfielddesign on Instagram and Facebook. Bonus points for nominating a friend or two to take the challenge when you post.

Make sure to follow us to see the magnificent dining creations the Pizzo and Volk families designed! (They will make you laugh. Promise!) Don't forget... home is a feeling. We cannot wait to see what you all come up with.